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Cannabis and hemp workplaces are complicated.

 It can be hard to know how to start your cannabis workplace safety program. Think Happy Consulting created this poster to help you understand how to protect your business. Every operation is different. You need the right hemp or cannabis workplace safety program. Along with the right written plans and training for your operation. Our team can help you create a custom solution delivered virtually and safely.

Safety Poster

We talk hemp and cannabis workplace safety programs.

Think Happy Consulting has been lucky enough to talk about our experiences in cannabis and hemp with some great folks in the industry. Check out some of our webinar and podcast appearances.

Workplace safety and compliance is not always the most exciting part of any business, but in cannabis and hemp it is critical, and we appreciate the opportunity to share and educate when we can. Enjoy!


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Think Happy Consulting believes in helping you protect your legal hemp or cannabis investments with practical resources. As the industry develops, regulators of all kinds are catching up, and large fines for workplace safety and compliance are not uncommon. Do you have $60,000.00 to pay OSHA fines for not having a safety program in place? Do you have written protocols for a recall in the event of positive pesticide tests in your product? We can help you with all the plans and training needed to mitigate the risks of your legal hemp or cannabis business and keep money in your pocket.