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Haunted by training? Practical employee safety training for legal cannabis and hemp businesses.

employee safety training

Think Happy Consulting offer a complete range of employee training. From retail orientation to greenhouse employee safety training we have you covered.  We even offer Worker Protections Standard pesticide training, respirator training, and chemical hazard communication. Need topics for your safety meetings? We have great training material available.

Live Webinar Classes

Budtender Orientation

New Hire Orientation

Accident Prevention

Chemical Hazard Communication

Pesticide Workers and Handlers Training

We can deliver all of our employee safety training via a remote classroom. This allows us to be COVID safe, while also providing improved flexibility. You no longer have to schedule all of your employees to one physical space at one time. They can join remotely at a time that works for everyone. We can accommodate up to 100 employees per session. Contact us today for your free 15-minute consultation to hear about our remote options. Subscription access to our training video catalog is coming soon!

Think Happy Consulting believes in helping you protect your legal hemp or cannabis investments with practical resources. As the industry develops, regulators of all kinds are catching up, and large fines for workplace safety and compliance are not uncommon. Do you have $60,000.00 to pay OSHA fines for not having a safety program in place? Do you have written protocols for a recall in the event of positive pesticide tests in your product? We can help you with all the plans and training needed to mitigate the risks of your legal hemp or cannabis business and keep money in your pocket.