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Haunted by compliance? Practical compliance best practices for legal cannabis and hemp businesses.


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Think Happy Consulting offers compliance best practices. Compliance can take many forms in the cannabis industry, from track and trace to pesticide and chemical application logs. It is important to have a plan for how you will track your compliance. In the event of an inspection, you will be prepared with all the records and information needed to pass with flying colors.

Compliance with state workplace safety regulations is also important. We offer complete and effective workplace safety programs. Written plans, forms, employee training, and safety meeting templates. Compliance is crucial and Standard Operating Procedures are the centerpiece of a good plan. Technical writing services to create any manual, form, or training needed. Plus we know cGMP.

Think Happy Consulting believes in helping you protect your legal hemp or cannabis investments with practical resources. As the industry develops, regulators of all kinds are catching up, and large fines for workplace safety and compliance are not uncommon. Do you have $60,000.00 to pay OSHA fines for not having a safety program in place? Do you have written protocols for a recall in the event of positive pesticide tests in your product? We can help you with all the plans and training needed to mitigate the risks of your legal hemp or cannabis business and keep money in your pocket.