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Lemonhaze 2018 celebrates Washington cannabis industry

The two-day cannabis and comedy festival at the Tacoma Dome was the first I-502 convention focused on the employees and licensed companies that make up the Washington state industry. Employees of I-502 licensee could register and attend for free and this brought many from all over the state to join in the celebration. The all…

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Occupational Health and Safety is coming for the cannabis industry.

What is Occupational Safety and Health? It is sometime known by other terms, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Workplace Safety, and sometimes just OSHA, the acronym for the federal agency that regulates worker safety. Generally, it refers to the rules that employers must follow in order to ensure they are creating a safe place for…

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Washington pumps the brakes on edibles review

After catching the industry by surprise, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) announced in a message to marijuana licensees last week that it will pause its marijuana edible product and label review for 30 days. With so many businesses in Washington effected by this change there has been a very strong vocal response…

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Process Safety Management and Cannabis Extraction

One of the things we learned at the occupation health and safety conference in Bend is that cannabis extraction facilities have some of the most complicated and dangerous facilities in the marijuana industry. In hydrocarbon, super critical CO2, and alcohol extraction, the presence of flammable and/ hazardous gasses, sometimes under high pressure, create a very…

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Occupational Health and Safety conference covers cannabis in Bend.

We just attended the Central Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Conference in Bend, OR. It featured the nations very first training for safety and health professionals involved in the cannabis and marijuana industry. Two days of speakers on a wide range of topics including permitting, lab and lab equipment safety, best practices for safe processing,…

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