Wildfire Smoke Brings New Rules for Cannabis and Hemp

In another move affecting hemp and cannabis producers, Washington has filed an emergency set of rules for protecting workers from wildfire smoke. As drought and high temperatures persist in the western United States, large wildfires regularly create smoke that presents a hazard to workers. Labor and Industries (L&I) is following California’s lead in making permanent…

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COVID Cannabis Allowances Ending Soon in Washington

Curbside Cannabis Pickup

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis (WSLCB) board recently sent out a bulletin announcing that most COVID cannabis allowances would be ending on July 31, 2021. These include curbside pickup, allowing staff children at farms, and walk-up windows. When COVID lockdowns began more than a year ago cannabis was deemed an essential service. The WSLCB…

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Cannabis and Hemp affected by Emergency Heat Exposure Rules

heat index chart

Much of the western United States has been experiencing record heat this summer prompting emergency rules for workplace safety. Extreme heat has become more and more common. This is leading western states to develop permanent rules to better protect workers. In the meantime, both Oregon and Washington have instituted emergency rules to provide immediate additional…

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Workplace Safety for Budtenders

Cannabis workplaces are complicated. Farms can be engaged in many different processes that cover everything from pesticides to deliveries. But retails stores and dispensaries also face a unique set of hazards. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees from those hazards. The retail environment can hold many simple hazards likes ladders use, slips,…

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The Importance of Day 1 Training

Cannabis Worker

In the cannabis and hemp industries, employees make all the difference. As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that those employees have the workplace safety training they need before they start any job. In a complicated workplace that can mean covering many different topics from accident prevention to pesticide application. Unfortunately,…

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Preparing a COVID-19 Response Plan

The current COVID -19 crisis has revealed how much planning and preparation is needed to deal with the type of pandemic that can happen in our modern connected world. One way to prepare is creating an Infectious Disease Response Plan. This is a plan that outlines how your legal cannabis or hemp business will handle…

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