Think Happy Consulting is focused on risk prevention solutions for the cannabis and hemp industry. We have worked in all aspects of the cannabis and hemp supply chain since 2015. In 2018 we founded Think Happy Consulting because we saw a need to bring risk prevention assessments and practical resources, especially for worker safety, to the rapidly expanding legal cannabis and hemp markets.

Think Happy Consulting has successful completed many projects across the country. Together we have produced standard operating procedures for international licensing deals, manuals for large-scale processing technology, safety programs, and so much more. Our experience has grown exponentially, and we share that with you to help you protect your business.


The Think Happy team has provided us with great safety plans, operating procedures, and training. I feel so much more prepared. 
– Erika Smith, General Manager, Avitas Agriculture Washington

From start-up to more mature endeavors, you have what it takes to make any company a resounding success! 

– Peter Gottlick, Vice President, IEC Thermo H.E.M.P. Dryers 

I loved working with Matthew and Think Happy Consulting. They are passionate about saving business owners’ headaches. And they understand cannabis workplaces.” 

– Aleah Lawrence-Pine, Owner Operator Emerald Experience


Think Happy Consulting has been lucky enough to talk extensively about our experiences in cannabis and hemp with other great folks in the industry. Check out our past online seminar and podcast appearances.

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