Cannabis workplaces are complicated. Farms can be engaged in many different processes that cover everything from pesticides to deliveries. But retails stores and dispensaries also face a unique set of hazards. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their employees from those hazards.

The retail environment can hold many simple hazards likes ladders use, slips, trips, and falls. But it can also contain more complex hazards like workplace violence and store security. It is important to have the right kind of safety plan and training to protect your staff.

Budtenders have a lot to learn about the many products they sell. But before they ever to begin to sell, they should complete a basic safety orientation to prepare them for the workplace. Training for the store accident prevention program, emergency procedures, and chemical hazard communication should be standard. This covers all the accident prevention basic.

Budtenders should also be trained on store security and workplace violence prevention. We recommend having a store log and training each employee on how to record any incident. It is important to take note of any disturbance in case there is another problem in the future. It is impossible to prevent all incident. The best you can do is prepare your staff with proper training that acknowledges the possibilities and provides options for a response.

By offering a Day 1 safety orientation for your budtenders you are not only protecting them, you are also protecting your business and lowering your risk. With a safety program and employee training, you can meet your legal responsibilities and be prepared in the case of an accident. Think Happy Consulting has designed a virtual training just to meet this need. Get your staff up to date today!