In the cannabis and hemp industries, employees make all the difference. As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to make sure that those employees have the workplace safety training they need before they start any job. In a complicated workplace that can mean covering many different topics from accident prevention to pesticide application. Unfortunately, many employers do not find out about these responsibilities until they have a workplace incident which can result in unwanted inspections and fines.

Dispensary and Retail Stores

For dispensary and retail stores the hazards present may be different than a grow or extraction facility. But every workplace has hazards. In the time of COVID-19 it is important to have a plan and training for employees on how to prevent the spread of the virus. Basic accident prevention and chemical handling training are essential. Slip, trips, and falls or ladder accidents can happen in any work environment. Plus, you should address things like store security and workplace violence prevention. All this should happen before an employee starts their first shift.

Producers and Processors

For producers and processors Day 1 Training should cover all the hazards in their operation. This might include everything from pesticide application to extraction. It is important that you have a plan and training to address all safety hazards. Understanding labels is critical in cultivation because labels are the law and will dictate the training you must provide. For example, if you are using any products that contain an Ag Use label you must provide training under the Worker Protection Standard. If the label requires a respirator then you need to create a program that includes not just training, but also fit testing, medical evaluations, and recordkeeping for the employees affected. All training should be completed before an employee starts a task, or when a new task is added to a job.

At Think Happy Consulting we make workplace safety training easy. Our Day 1 Orientations are tailored to meet your needs by providing effective training that will prepare your staff for the hazards in your operation. We can deliver that remotely via a Zoom meeting where we can provide the training and answer any questions your staff may have. We also offer complete, custom safety plans with the required written plans. Don’t be haunted by training and safety plans.