It has been reported by the Cannabis Alliance in a bulletin sent to their member on Thursday, April 25th that Washington’s L&I, the state agency responsible for workplace health and safety, has been conducting unannounced compliance visits to cannabis operations. The purpose of these visits are educational, and unless violations are egregious, they are not issuing citations. Usually the compliance visits are made up of a general safety specialist and an industrial hygiene specialist who help you identify issues that need to be resolved for compliance.

It is not surprising that more cannabis operations are receiving visits as the industry matures. It is important for owners and managers in cannabis operations to have a basic understanding of the safety responsibilities the law outlines for employers. Most cannabis operations we visit are not meeting their basic obligations when it comes to written plans and employee training. Owners and managers are often busy with the day to day operations and short staffed. Many have intentions of getting a safety program in place, but generally unless their life before cannabis involved an employer committed to safety, many do not know what they should be doing. That is until they have an injury, or an unannounced inspection.

Educate yourself today to protect your business and your employees. L&I in Washington state provides free resources online to help you put an Accident Prevention Plan, Chemical Hazard Communication Plan, and other needed written plans together for your business. They also have training templates and other tools you can download to create a program on your own.

Think Happy Consulting specializes in creating effective workplace safety programs for the cannabis industry. Simplify the process and save your time for other essential work. Don’t get caught by a random inspection.

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