Lemonhaze 2018 celebrates Washington cannabis industry

The two-day cannabis and comedy festival at the Tacoma Dome was the first I-502 convention focused on the employees and licensed companies that make up the Washington state industry. Employees of I-502 licensee could register and attend for free and this brought many from all over the state to join in the celebration. The all wood dome offered several rooms for panels and seminars that featured a great range of topics including social media, vape technology, and better understanding cannabis as medicine. Each day finished with some great comedy from Jessimae Peluso, Judah Friedlander, Donnell Rawlings, and Doug Benson.

Our team spent two days talking to dozens of producers, processors, and retailers attending the event. Many of the state’s largest brands were on display with elaborate creative displays. Smokey Point lead the way with their Budtender VIP lounge, but there were many others with fantastic displays and lots of awesome swag for the attendees like Harmony Farms, Avitas, and Willie’s Reserve. The representatives for all the vendors were well informed and ready to share information about their farm or retail operation. There was also great representation for the many trade organizations that are helping to define the industry like The Cannabis Alliance, The Washington Sungrowers Industry Association, and CORE. Their members are actively working to shape policy and move our industry forward.

Everyone we talked with loved the mission of Think Happy Consulting; simplifying compliance and improving workplace safety. They all understand that occupational health and safety regulators are catching up with the industry, and they want to make their employees safer. We look forward to working with these producers, processors, and retailers to quickly implement effective safety programs.

It was a real celebration of the industry, and how it has developed so many quality brands and cutting-edge products. It was all also a reminder that this industry is all based on great people, working hard to be pioneers. That’s what we love here at Think Happy Consulting, the opportunity to help define the culture of this industry. For us that means creating best practices and developing effective safety programs that keep employees and investments safe. Bravo Lemonhaze for putting on a great event. We can’t wait for next year!



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