What is Occupational Safety and Health? It is sometime known by other terms, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS), Workplace Safety, and sometimes just OSHA, the acronym for the federal agency that regulates worker safety. Generally, it refers to the rules that employers must follow in order to ensure they are creating a safe place for their employees to work.

If you have a single employee, you have an obligation to make sure you are meeting the requirements of your state. This means assessing the hazards that exist in your workplace and creating a plan for how you will train and protect your employees from those hazards. This is your Occupational Health and Safety Program.

This usually include:

  • Written Safety Plans
  • Employee Training
  • Documentation
  • Recordkeeping
  • Regular Audits


The agencies that enforce these rules are catching up with the cannabis industry. With the combination of cultivation, extraction, processing, and packaging we sometimes see in a single facility, cannabis operations are complex workplace with different hazards.

To protect your business and your employees you should have a strong safety program. You don’t want to find out about your responsibilities when you have an inspection or injury. That can be expensive, with fines and impact on your worker comp rates.

The burden of compliance is especially high in the cannabis industry, and often the focus is solely on traceability or tracking. It is important that we also begin to focus on workplace safety also in order to protect or employees, businesses, and the development of the industry.

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