After catching the industry by surprise, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) announced in a message to marijuana licensees last week that it will pause its marijuana edible product and label review for 30 days.

With so many businesses in Washington effected by this change there has been a very strong vocal response from the industry. Several trade groups including The Cannabis Alliance, CORE and the Washington Cannabusiness Association are working together to provide the WSLCB with a unified approach to alternatives that may have less of an impact on existing operations. There will be a discussion of this at the upcoming Lemon Haze Convention next week.

The WLSCB claims in their press release that they are following the same rules that have been in effect since 2015. But if that is the case you must wonder why they approved so many products that they now say should be removed from the market.

We will see how this plays out, as the timing with new packaging rules going into effect have really put some licensees in a very tough position. Hopefully the additional 30 days will result in a more reasonable approach that ensures the safety of children without putting people out of business. The challenges of creating a new industry continues. If you need help with compliance for your operation, we can help.

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