One of the things we learned at the occupation health and safety conference in Bend is that cannabis extraction facilities have some of the most complicated and dangerous facilities in the marijuana industry. In hydrocarbon, super critical CO2, and alcohol extraction, the presence of flammable and/ hazardous gasses, sometimes under high pressure, create a very dangerous environment for workers. Add to that the unproven manufacturers and wide range of equipment being used and exchanged without much regulation or certification.

But creating a safe workplace, even in a cannabis extraction lab, doesn’t have to be that complicated. In 1992 OSHA established the Process Safety Management standard to improve the safety of workers processing hazardous chemicals. Our written plan applies this proven methodology to cannabis extraction operations.

It starts with a process hazard assessment to identify the risks and then plan for their controls. Checklists, standard operating procedures, preventive maintenance schedules, fire protection plans, and lots of training are necessary to protect your extraction operation, employees, and bottom line. Regular cleaning and maintenance can only add to the quality of your product and the safety of your workplace.

The industry has come a long way from garage blasting, but that doesn’t mean explosions won’t still happen in closed loop systems. Don’t be haunted by compliance. Contact Think Happy Consulting today.butane-extraction-and-reclaim-system-dia-1

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