Don't be haunted by compliance

At Think Happy Consulting, we have real-world experience operating licensed cannabis and hemp businesses. We translate that experience into creating practical safety and compliance resources to help protect and support your operation. Let us handle the housekeeping so you can get back to the garden.

Compliance is crucial to the success of your legal cannabis or hemp business. Standard operating procedures are the centerpiece of good compliance.

Think Happy Consulting offers custom technical writing services to develop procedures and best practices for your legal marijuana or hemp business.



The legal cannabis and hemp industry is difficult. That's why we started Think Happy Consulting, to create practical resources for safety and compliance to help protect your investment in the hemp and cannabis industry.

Our pricing is scope of work project-based and protecting the knowledge you have developed is very important to us.

Whether you are an established farm or a start-up extractor, our team will help you navigate the difficult and tedious compliance and workplace safety requirements that face your business.

Don't be haunted by compliance

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